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SCYCA is hosting a u13 tournament on the upcoming Labor Day weekend. 8 teams from around the state will join us for a weekend of competitive cricket.
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the New Cricket Pitch in Cypress Community Park, Irvine   The ribbon-cutting ceremony today was a success! Thanks to everyone who could make it. We have high hopes for the future of cricket here in Irvine!  
Youth Cricket Pitch in Irvine
SCYCA EXPANDS COACHING TO SERVICE NORTHERN ORANGE COUNTY June 18, 2021 SCYCA recognizes the importance of having a chapter centralized in Northern Orange County; this prompted expansion of the program to serve North Orange County residents. This new chapter has over 25 players, most of whom are being introduced to cricket. Although
SCYCA EXPANDS COACHING TO CITY OF IRVINE SCYCA has been operating in the cities of Lake Forest and Tustin for over 7 years. Many players have migrated from numerous cricket playing countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, and Australia, but first generation US born players have also


COACHING BACK UP Manjula Vithana   Manjula has joined the SCYCA Coaching team and he is highly enthusiastic about the game of Cricket. He has been an active member of OC Lions Cricket Club (OCCA) since 2005 and Century Cricket Club (SCCA Division 1) since 2006. Manjula represented the OCCA
THREE SCYCA PLAYERS MADE TO MEN’S YOUTH – WEST ZONAL TRAINING GROUP SCYCA is proud to announce that three players groomed by SCYCA were selected to the West Zonal Training Group.   Andrew Daluwatte – Started playing in Sri Lanka and moved to the U.S. when he was 13 years
SCYCA EXPANDS THE TRAINING PROGRAM BEGINNING OF 2021 SCYCA is introducing restructured coaching program for 2021 by expanding the existing training modules to meet the demand expected in coming years. The restructured program consists of: LEVEL 1 – BASIC: Intended for new or recreational players; 2 days of practice per week


National Training Group           It is my pleasure to announce that two SCYCA players have been chosen for USA Woman’s Nationals and Under 19 National Training Pool.  Both started in 2014 with SCYCA and have always been consistent in practice sessions, combines, friendly matches and tournaments. They
SCYCA RETURNS TO CRICKET PRACTICE AGAIN As Cities of Irvine and Tustin open the playfields to youth practices, SCYCA started regular practices on Wednesdays and Sundays under strict COVID – 19 guidelines. City allows only practice sessions but not tournaments or matches against visiting teams are not allowed. Participation of