SCYCA Launches Developmental Cricket League

The Southern California Developmental Youth Cricket League (SCDYCL) was created in 2022 to serve the needs of the youth cricket players. This new league will make sure that all players will have a platform to improve their skills and experience a match and tournament environment. The SCYCA administration collectively organized this league and made the necessary preparations. An emphasis has been placed on providing a match day environment conducive to player development.


SCYCA allows teams from the three SCYCA chapters to participate in this inaugural tournament, which began on 9/18/2022. SCYCA developmental Blue, Green and Red teams will play a total of six games on turf wickets in home and away conditions.

The principal mission of the Southern California Developmental Youth Cricket League is to first and foremost prioritize true player development. In the new league, all players will have the opportunity to make their goals and dreams a reality by utilizing the pathway established by SCYCA at the local level and by USA Cricket at regional and national levels.