Coach Pri, Cricket Maestro: Head Coach of SCYCA Representing the USA in Over 60 Cricket World Cup 2024

Coach Pri, Cricket Maestro: Head Coach of SCYCA Representing the USA in Over 60 Cricket World Cup 2024

In the vibrant world of cricket, Coach Pri stands as a distinguished figure, not only as the driving force behind the Southern California Youth Cricket Association (SCYCA) but also as a seasoned player set to represent the USA in the Over 60 Cricket World Cup 2024. 


Coach Pri’s association with SCYCA dates back to its inception in 2014 when he joined as a coach. Assuming the role of head coach in 2018, Coach Pri has been a cornerstone of SCYCA’s structure, playing a pivotal role in shaping the program and guiding the development of budding cricketers.

Hailing from Sri Lanka, Coach Pri’s cricketing journey began in his school days when he captained Maliyadeva College, his high school. His skills elevated him to represent Sri Lanka at the U-19 level, and he went on to play First Class cricket in Sri Lanka, in the process garnering invaluable experience and expertise.


Upon relocating to the USA, Coach Pri showcased his talents in the SCCA league with Century Cricket Club. After a break from competitive play, he returned to the field, this time donning the Orange County Cricket Association jersey for the SCYCA team. In a unique dual role, Coach Pri not only led the team but also contributed as a coach player, actively working to nurture and enhance the skills of young players.


In 2019, Coach Pri took his passion for cricket to the next level by joining Masters Cricket. Playing consistently in Over 50 regional and national tournaments, he exhibited a continued commitment to the sport, demonstrating his skills and contributing to the cricketing community.


Coach Pri’s dedication and stellar performances have earned him a spot in the prestigious Over 60 Cricket World Cup 2024 squad. Representing the USA, he will be a part of the squad traveling to India for the tournament held in Chennai from February 18 through March 4, 2024. This significant achievement reflects the culmination of years of hard work, passion, and dedication to the sport.


Coach Pri stands as a true cricketing maestro, not only leading SCYCA to new heights but also representing the USA on the international stage. His journey is an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and a testament to the everlasting spirit of the sport that transcends borders and generations. As Coach Pri continues to make waves in the cricketing world, the legacy he leaves with SCYCA and the broader cricketing community is sure to endure for years to come.